Monday, 4 May 2009

Award For Friends

hello blogger friends,
this morning, i just do my bored activity.., blogwalking.(hehehe.. just kidding). I do my activity as usual. And i found a great message that make my eyes so shiny. (*o*) hahahaha... I read the message in my shoutmix that i just get an award from lipukupamona. Wow, i feel so silly, because it's my first award. And those award contain of 6 award banner. Hohohoho.. Ok. I will begin now. I will share to some of my friends. That is.....

  1. Yoyon
  2. All in one wish
  3. Shuzu
  4. Slurpz
  5. RDX
  6. Kurnia Septa
  7. TipsandCara
  8. DNX Rockabilly

Ok. For you that get this award from me, you must do this:
* Put this 6 award picture in your blog/homepage.
* Place the link of the award giver(My Links).
* Share this award to other blogger friends.
* Place a link to the recipient/receiver of the award.
* Leave a message in the Shoutbox or post comments.

If you has get this award in your blog. Just comment here.
Ok. That's all you must to do. Enough for me, i'm so sorry if i post in english and if i make you busy. hehehe... Enjoy the award friends... and stay blogwalking....

Best Regard


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4 komentar:

Sapujagad 7 May 2009 at 00:35  

Oke. kapan - kapan kalo ada award lagi tak kasih deh. hehehehe.. sering - sering maen yaa... ;)

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