Friday, 22 May 2009

The Most Useful Web Applications You Must Have

There are a lot of really useful web applications to choose from so trying to identify my 7 most useful ones is a pretty difficult task but some clearly stand out and they are the ones included here.

Trend HouseCall

Essential for online checking of whether your computer has been infected by something undesirable. This is often the first port of call when someone asks me to look at their computer.

Link: Trend Micro HouseCall


Ever been stuck trying to find colours that go together for your web project? You can select a starting colour and let ColorBlender recommend a suitable scheme, together with suggested variations.

Link: ColorBlender

Google Apps

There is no doubt in my mind that the set of applications within Google Apps provides useful value and the collaborative nature of the Apps makes it even more appealing - domain integration is also a useful feature.

Link: Google Apps


Ever been stuck with a file and need it in a different format, this happens to me from time to time and it’s always been a pain finding a suitable and reliable convertor, fortunately Zamzar can usually help.

Link: Zamzar

LogMeIn Rescue

Supporting users remotely is made a lot easier using a tool such as LogMeIn Rescue which allows an operator to remotely control the users screen, it has many other useful features too.

Link: LogMeIn Rescue


Being presented with a bitmap version of a typeface and trying to identify a matching font can be a chore, but it’s made a lot easier by this online utility, simply upload an example and it will do its best to make a match for you.

Link: WhatTheFont?!


Not getting the broadband throughput you were expecting? Things a bit slow? Check your online speed with this handy utility.


What would be your 7 useful web applications?

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