Thursday, 28 May 2009

Blog Trick : When to Start Another Blog?

How do people blog?

In the most basic sense, there are two kinds of blogs: personal ones (also known as “everything but the kitchen sink” blogs), and topical ones.

Most people start with a personal blog, although they may not see it as such. They call it original :) names like “random thoughts”, and talk about what whatever they feel like. Nothing wrong with that… but those blogs tend to have one post a week, and after a year or two, the blogger gets tired and shuts it down, or it begins to have 6-month intervals between posts.

The other possibility is when you really have something to say, or have a subject you want to write about. A lot. Computer games, politics, cheese dip… You choose. Sometimes, a blog has more than one topic: for instance, there may be a blog about computer games and comic books, or about movies and music. The possibilities are limitless, which is a phrase that always sounds deep. :)

But, sometimes, people change. Maybe you find that you are, half the time, writing about a different subject than whatever your blog was initially about. Or you don’t do that, because you feel guilty about changing your blog’s theme. Maybe there’s a bunch of posts you have in mind, but they don’t really fit with the theme of your blog. Or maybe your blog has a too “generic” theme, such as “philosophy” (oops…), or “technology” (double oops…).

In situations like those, maybe it’s time to start a new blog. Independent of the first, although they’ll link to each other, of course.

Why do so? Well, first, it’ll give you a new sense of freedom. Finally, you can write your 30-article series about cheese dip without feeling guilty about posting it in your sheep shearing blog.

Second, multi-subject blogs tend to have just your friends as regular readers - unless you’re a celebrity. Every visitor that arrives there because of a subject is unlikely to care about the other subject(s). And nobody reads a blog where they have to skip 2/3 of the articles.

Third, more focused blogs tend to have the best focused ads. A blog about computers has more generic ads than a blog about software, which is worse than one about games, which is worse than one about strategy games… you get the idea. Of course, if you write about using that particular tactic in that particular scenario in that particular strategy game, it may end up being too focused, and have a very small number of readers.

When not to start a new blog? If you are already spread too thin, if you don’t have the time for your current blogs. (be sure that it’s really a question of time, not of boredom!)

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4 komentar:

L The Lionheart 4 June 2009 at 00:33  

Terima kasih buat infonya :)

Tapi diri q hingga sekarang belum mau bikin blog baru lagi hehe
Habis yang sekarang masih asik hehee...

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