Friday, 8 January 2010

Make Facebook Smiley Face

Suddenly a question caught my attention, What r all the smiley faces on facebook chat? You need them badly when you are chatting on Facebook. Smiley faces adds to touch of humor and personality to your messages. When your friend on the other end cracks a joke or fires up a sarcastic dialog, smiley faces are the best fashion to express your opinion. Sometimes you lose words to express your emotions and fill the gaps with smileys. Whatever be your mood, elated, jocund, puffed up, or you just wanna wink, smiley faces expresses your state of mind. We are going show you how to create some cool Facebook smiley faces in a jiffy.

Follow the steps below to make smiley faces

Step 1: Begin with a sentence to accompany your smiley face. The right place to invoke smiley faces in between the expressions like expressing your happiness over a hilarious joke.

Step 2: Choose the smiley face that you want to use from the following options:
Happy :) - Colon followed by a parentheses
Very happy =) - Equals sign followed by a parentheses
Grinning :D - Colon followed by an uppercase "D"
Cat smiling ^_^ - Shift and press six, underscore, Shift and press six
Wink smile ;) - Semicolon followed by a parentheses
Smiling angel 0:) - Zero followed by a colon and parentheses
Tongue sticking out :p - Colon followed by a lowercase "p"
Smiling devil 3:) - Three followed by a colon and parentheses
Goofy smile 8) - Eight followed by a parentheses

Step 3: Insert the smiley face two spaces behind the period following the appropriate sentence. Here is typical instance how you can create a smiley face into text : "I had the best time at the party. :) most of our school friends showed up."

Step 4: Attach a nose to the smiley faces by inserting a dash in between the eyes and mouth. You can modify them as in the following examples
Happy :-)
Very happy =-)
Goofy smile 8-)
Grinning :-D
Wink smile ;-)
Tongue sticking out :-p
Smiling angel 0:-)
Smiling devil 3:-)

Step 5: Before typing the next sentence enter two spaces following the smiley face.

So you are done go on cracking jokes and laughing all the away

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Antiqueall 7 January 2011 at 01:00  

I not too active at facebook, a lot of time lost so much fun interacting with other friends, but what your writed its usefull for facebooker.

raviteja 25 June 2011 at 07:22  

I never thought blogging could possibly be soo fun and interesting. Man you are aware how to acheive it brother.

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